2017 Conference Industry ReportAfter three years of conducting the State of the Conference Industry survey, it is clear that association professionals know how crucial content is to attracting attendees to their conference. It is also clear that attendees’ expectations of how they will access that content is changing. Offering content in print and digital formats at the conference is no longer enough; attendees—and associations—recognize the added value that providing this educational material before and after the conference creates, as well.

The trouble is, using content in such a variety of ways complicates the job of managing and distributing it.

To shed light on how associations are currently using their conference content—and the challenges they face in doing so—we conducted an online survey of 116 association professionals. Get your free copy of the report to learn how other associations are answering questions like:

  • How do we determine which formats to offer our attendees?
  • How are other associations in our industry re-using their content?
  • What are the greatest challenges of using content in new ways?
  • Which formats will other associations continue to use in the future?

Takeaway #1: The expanding role of content has led to new challenges for conference professionals.

When asked, 50% of respondents indicated that “finding the right mix of formats for attendees” and “leveraging content after the conference” provided significant challenges.

“Offering a mix of formats” was the only challenge that saw a significant year-over-year increase from last year’s survey. This may be the result of attendees playing a more active role in how they expect content to be delivered. Some attendees are ready to embrace a fully-digital conference experience while others prefer the traditionally-tactile approach of printed materials. Unfortunately for conference professionals, there does not appear to be a definitive shift in overall attendee preference on the horizon.

Read the full report for ideas and insights on expanding the role of your conference content.