(Editor’s Note: Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting the most popular blog posts from 2016.)

Infographics were some of the best performing posts on the Omnipress blog in 2016. (An unsurprising stat if you read our article 3 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd by Using Images earlier this year). Whether the topic was collecting conference materials, content marketing, or planning with Millennials in mind, when it comes to infographics, the results were the same: a lot of clicks!

Here are the top three infographics on the Omnipress blog from 2016:

Marketing With Conference Content Part 3Marketing with Conference Content: Part 3 – How to Learn From Your Own Content

Marketing with conference content is a great way to promote your conference and demonstrate the value it provides. But did you know it can also be an effective way to learn about your audience? This infographic shows 5 questions your content can answer about your attendees.

Learn about your audience

smart-infographic_thumbnailHow to Collect High-quality Conference Content with SMART Goals

Improving the educational content at your next conference is a great goal, but unless you are setting SMART goals, you may have a hard time achieving it. This infographic will show you how to set SMART goals for collecting conference content and how they differ from DUMB goals.


Get SMART about content


Millennials & PrintMillennials and Print

Curious how the demands of Millennials will impact the way your association delivers educational materials? Well, we asked them! See the surprising results from the survey of over 500 Millennials in this infographic

Learn about Millennials

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