Understanding the preferences of younger learners is important when developing the educational materials they will be using as professionals. Blog posts that explored how Millennials—and their younger siblings, Gen Z—view continuing education generated a lot of interest over the course of the year. When it came to learning about Millennials, the most popular posts were the ones that provided actionable insight into how to appeal—and how to connect—with this growing segment of the workforce.

Take a look at the Top Four Posts About Millennials and Continuing Education:

Millennials and Print surveyMillennials and Print: The Surprising Views of the Digital Generation [Infographic]

How will the demands of Millennials impact the way your association delivers educational materials? Well, we asked them! See the surprising results from the survey of over 500 Millennials in this infographic.

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Is Your Continuing Education Program Ready for Generation Z?

Move over, Millennials! In a few years, Gen Z will be ready to enter the workforce. Is your continuing education program prepared?

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Millennials and CredentialingHow to Attract Millennials to Your Association with Credentialing

Associations can take advantage of the growing “skills gap” in many industries by offering credentialing programs for Millennials. Here are five tips to make sure your courses are a go-to resource for the next generation of workers

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Millennials and training5 Key Statistics about Millennials & Training

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. Understanding their preferences and learning styles can help you make your continuing education training programs more effective. Key statistics from our survey of millennials about printed educational materials

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