Hand reaches out from big heap of crumpled papersIn an earlier post, we discussed the first key insight from our 2016 Conference Industry Report: The Evolving Shape of Conference Content: associations report their attendees want them to offer a greater blend of print and digital content before, during, and after the conference (you can read that post here).

Today, we discuss Insight #2: Managing the content collection and review process is a major pain point for planners.

While organizations are grappling with a number of content-related challenges, simply getting the necessary content to drive a successful conference rose to the top of the list, with 33% stating it is their single greatest content-related challenge. Once collected, reviewed and organized, the next most common challenge (with 18% of the votes) is offering that content in a mix of formats that is manageable for the planning team, meets the needs of most attendees, and fits within a relatively flat conference budget. Maximizing the investment in content is also a key priority for 2016, as planners are seeking ways to leverage that content beyond the current year’s conference—creating tools that will build attendance for future events, increase visibility for the organization, and add value for its members.

Do you agree with these findings? What other insights did associations provide about the evolution of their conference content in 2016 and beyond? Read the full report here, and let us know what you think.

We conducted an online survey of 151 association professionals, a majority of whom are responsible for conference planning, to understand the current state of conference content, key challenges, and how organizations are preparing for their future members.