11-24-15 - SmTake a quick look at your smartphone. Skim your apps and think: Is there anything that’s really important in your life that isn’t represented somewhere in your app library?

You can learn a lot about a person by sneaking a peek at their apps. A fitness buff will have Runkeeper and FitBit. An exercise beginner, on the other hand, might have MyFitnessPal and Couch to 5K. A new mom might have Total Baby or Parenting Ages & Stages, whereas a single metropolitan type might make frequent use of Goby to see what’s happening around town.

Point is, people download apps that focus on the activities and aspects of their lives that they value. Is your association represented on your members’ phones? Does your app include enough interesting, engaging content to merit a download?

Giving attendees access to conference content on the app is important; most attendees will want access to presentations and session handouts. To be truly useful, though, try offering more interactive and dynamic features, like live polls that attendees can participate in during the conference. Other fun tools, like a social timeline with posts by other attendees.

Attendees have shown an interest in taking the next step in their careers by keeping their membership active and coming to your conference. Make it easy to take the next step, bringing your association to their electronic appendage (oops! smartphone) with a fully-featured conference app.

Take our conference app for a spin and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!