SmartphoneLast month, Sean Lawler wrote an article for the blog, laying out reasons to consider using a multi-event app. We have added information about this new and exciting option to our conference app white paper—Implement a Conference App: 9 Steps to Choosing the Right App for Your Conference.

If you haven’t tried using an app as part of your association’s conference content offering yet, now is the time to give it a shot. If your association holds more than one conference a year, the multi-event app is the perfect fit.

Attendees have just one app to download to get access to all conferences your association puts on throughout the year. You’ll appreciate the convenience of publishing one app for all of your events; Apple’ approval process can frustrate even the most patient conference planner. Having to wait more than once a year would be infuriating.

Omnipress’ multi-event apps offers customization options to both associations and attendees. You can work with your Omnipress project manager to pick out different modules to use for specific events (and omit from others). Events can be password-protected or hidden from view to users who have downloaded the app, but have not registered for a particular meeting.

Attendees can create separate social profiles for different meetings to highlight a specific set of skills, for example, or to use a more formal picture for an executive summit than the annual meeting.

For more information on the multi-event app, along with other recommendations for choosing and implementing an app for your next conference, download the white paper:


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