twitter-mediumHave you been considering adding a conference app for your annual meeting this fall? We have found that some associations want to try an app, but can’t find room for it in their 2015 budget.

Omnipress can help! If you work with Omnipress to print your conference materials, you can get up to 75% off of a conference app. That way, you don’t have to choose between print and mobile—you can have it all!

When it comes to your association’s conference content, the more options you can offer attendees, the better. Not everyone wants to use an app; likewise, printed materials aren’t the best choice for all attendees.

Some people, including millennials, prefer to learn from a printed program or printed proceedings. (For more information on millennials and print, download our white paper on the subject.) Whether these attendees learn better from print, or they want to add to the collection on their office bookshelf of proceedings from past years, everyone who wants to receive conference content in print should be given that opportunity.

Others like to use an app to have quick and easy access to the conference schedule, speaker bios, and venue maps. Some people thrive on the social aspects of the conference that an app makes easier. A social timeline, for example, helps attendees see how their colleagues are enjoying the conference. Person-to-person messaging, which allows attendees to network without exchanging contact information, is another popular features.

No one approach is better than the other, and the same attendee may choose to use both the app and printed materials to enrich their conference experience. When you work with Omnipress, you have the option to expand your attendees’ choices—without compromising your conference budget.

For full details, visit, where you can also register for promotion. Work with Omnipress for your conference content and you can have it all!