OmnipresenceWe don’t remember to say it often enough, but it’s true: We appreciate your feedback. When you let us know what you love—and don’t love—about Omnipress’ products and services, it helps us change our offerings to best meet your needs. It’s even better when your helpful suggestions lead us to improvements we might not have known were important to you.

We have heard several requests for multi-event apps and we are pleased that we can now deliver this product to your association. Some organizations hold several conferences a year and would benefit from a single conference app that attendees could download once and keep on their phones. (Until recently, associations would use one app per conference.)

The multi-event app uses the framework of our Connect App, which gives attendees the tools they need to network effectively, including a social timeline and person-to-person messaging. Associations love the Connect App because they can conduct live polls and send out push notifications. They can also manage attendee engagement through an easy-to-use administrative portal.

Associations have options on how to present their meetings within the app. For example, associations can work with Omnipress to set up the app with password protection, which lets a member view the conferences they plan to attend; other meetings will be hidden from view unless a special code is entered.

The multi-event app gives associations a more convenient way to deliver conference information, while giving attendees what they want—an app for your association that they can keep for future conferences.

We at Omnipress are happy to bring this improvement of our conference suite of services to you, our valued customers. We’re pleased to be able to offer this flexibility to associations new to Omnipress as well. Remember that the multi-event app, as well as any of our single content outputs, works best when used in combination with other services Omnipress providesabstract management and paper collection, conference printing, USBs and CDs, and online conference materials.

The best way to offer conference content to your attendees is to give them information how they want to receive it—and everyone is different. To reach all attendees, offer as many alternatives as you can. With the new multi-event app, used alongside other delivery methods, your association can do an even better job delivering knowledge.