Multi-event_appDoes your association hold more than one conference per year? Are attendees of both meetings frustrated that they have to download a separate mobile app for each event? Do you wish that you didn’t have to wait for approval from Apple for each app you release?

If any of these situations sound familiar, offering a multi-event app is the perfect solution for your association and attendees. Here’s why:

  1. You only need to download a single app because it can be updated with new events at any time. Attendees appreciate the convenience of a single download, and your association can use the app as a marketing tool for future conferences.
  1. You do not need to republish your app when you add events. This helps you save time by avoiding Apple or Android’s lengthy approval processes.
  1. You can password-protect individual events, or even hide events from view entirely if the user doesn’t have the special code. Keep it simple for attendees by showing them only the events they need to see.
  1. You can customize the app. The top-level modules can be different than your conference modules. You can even choose different modules for specific meetings. Your users can engage in the customization, too, creating a different profile for each event, if they choose. The app gives you the flexibility to present your association’s meetings how you want them to appear to attendees.
  1. You can increase engagement and add shelf life to your conference with a social timeline, which allows your attendees to post comments and photos. They can even send each other private messages—without exchanging contact information.
  1. You can duplicate module types. Do you need a list module for your exhibitors, but a different one for your staff? No problem. The app is flexible enough to accommodate both groups.

A multi-event app serves as an ongoing reminder of your organization’s busy conference calendar, allowing you to effectively market future events and keep your association at the top of members’ minds. With the new features available, you can engage attendees year-round.