Modern elderly with smartphoneIn a recent Associations Now article, Katie Bascuas reported on a group of AARP Nevada members who were sent to the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show. Sporting shirts with the hashtag #DisruptAging, the group of men and women of a certain age (50+, to be exact) walked the expo hall with a mission: Determine if current and up-and-coming technologies meet the needs of older Americans.

Just as organization ignore the millennial generation to their peril, they would be wise to pay close attention to older professionals as well. They too have immense influence and buying power. And while they aren’t always the first to adopt new technology, they do not want to be left behind, either.

Our case study with IWCS (International Wire & Cable Symposium) is a good example of this. The membership of the association consists of professionals of all ages, and yet nearly 90% downloaded the mobile app that Omnipress provided for IWCS. To meet the needs of all attendees, IWCS also offers printed proceedings, USBs, and an event content website. Working with Omnipress to make multiple event content delivery options available to their members, IWCS successfully appeals to millennials, boomers, and Gen Xers alike.

If your association, like many, spans a range of generations and content preferences, it’s important to offer options for all. You may be surprised how many seasoned professionals prefer to use a mobile app onsite at your conference. Omnipress’ Connect App gives millennials the networking and social aspects they crave, while still providing the session listings, access to content, speaker bio, and GPS enabled maps that attendees of all ages like to have handy.

Today we explored how, to paraphrase Associations Now title, technology is not simply important to provide for your younger attendees, but for people over age 50 as well. Later this week, we’ll look into how print is important to professionals of all ages—not, as many suspect, only those a bit longer in the tooth. Stay tuned!