SmartphoneBased on our web analytics, whitepaper downloads, and tradeshow booth traffic, association professionals are crazy about mobile apps. We are, too, and that’s why we’ve updated our app, loading it with even more features and connectivity that you’ll love.

Our mobile event app whitepaper has also been updated! You’ll still get solid advice on how to implement a mobile event app into your next conference and considerations to keep in mind along the way.

What’s new? Glad you asked!

Fresh design: If you enjoyed the clean, streamlined design of our recent whitepapers, you’ll love the look of the new mobile event app whitepaper, too.

Updated content: We understand your position—adding a mobile event app can be a headache—and we meet you there and help you think through the process of introducing an app to your conference. We added relevant information to suit your changing needs and reflect our current capabilities.

2013 statistics: Did you know that 34% of American adults own a tablet? That’s almost twice as much as last year (18%). Smartphones are even more prevalent (56%). The Pew Research we include in the whitepaper provides insight on technology across generations, socioeconomic groups, and education levels. Compare these numbers to your association demographics and you’ll see how a new mobile event app can improve the conference experience of most of your members.

Download it now! Let us know what you think of LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, or call us with feedback and questions about the mobile event app. We’d love to hear from you!