One of the most important questions you need to ask when you’re developing a mobile event app is what type of content or information do you want to include??

Here are 3 tips for deciding what information to include on your mobile event app:

  • Align content with your objective. Don’t include content just for the bells and whistles. If the content doesn’t directly help you meet your mobile event app objectives, it probably doesn’t belong on your app.
  • Keep it simple. Include the most valuable information and make it easy to find. Too many layers in your app can result in user frustration.
  • Make sure content is consumable in mobile format. If information is easier to consume in print or online, don’t force it into an app. This could result in higher costs and little added value for users.

10 Popular Mobile Event App Features

Listed below are 10 of the most popular features, or content modules, that meeting professionals are including in their mobile event apps.

Program_SchedulePersonal Itinerary. Share your conference program and allow attendees to build their own personal itineraries.

Attendee_ProfilesAttendee Profiles: Simplify networking before, during and after your conference by allowing attendees to build their own profiles and share contact information.

Exhibitor_MapVenue Map: Help attendees find exhibitors easily with a map of the venue or exhibitor floor so they can maximize their on-site networking experience.

SponsorsSponsor Listing: Provide sponsors with year-round advertising with a sponsor listing module.

SpeakersSpeaker Bios: Highlight speakers by featuring their background and contact information.

Travel_InformationTravel Information: Include hotel accommodations, transportation and restaurant information for out-of-town attendees.

NewsAlerts. Share last-minute room changes or conference updates with push notifications.

surveyLive Polling. Increase conference engagement with live polls and surveys about sessions, speakers and your event.

PresentationsSpeaker Materials. Give attendees access to speaker materials by including direct links to online handouts, powerpoint presentations and session recordings.

twitterTwitter Feed. Encourage social activity by sharing your conference hashtag feed.


See what other features associations are including on their conference apps by exploring our mobile app demos!

What content or features are you going to include on your mobile event app? Comment below and let us know!