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7 Reasons USBs Should Make an Appearance at Your Next Conference

Published by Gina Wentling

There are so many options available to associations for getting conference content in the hands of attendees, it’s hard to choose which way to go. Optimally, you’d offer as many

On Second Thought: Reconsidering USBs & CDs

Published by Gina Wentling

You know the basics of giving your attendees a USB or CD filled with conference content. Providing a useful giveaway that spurs learning and deeper engagement with the content shows

No WiFi? No Problem—Your Attendees Are Covered

Published by Gina Wentling

How reliable do you expect the WiFi will be at the venue for your association’s next annual meeting? No matter what the event coordinator tells you, the likelihood of you

Slap Band USBs Offer Fun Takeaways

Published by Aaron Manogue

Offering educational takeaways at your conference is an extremely important part of showing value to your attendees. While budgets for sending employees to conferences continue to shrink, it’s an absolute

Moving Beyond Print: Other Avenues to Information for Corporate Training Students

Published by Gina Wentling

How should you provide professional and educational content to learners? Many variables factor in to the answer, including budget, types of content covered, and method of instruction. Printed materials are

USBs & Event Content Websites: Complementary Content Delivery

Published by Gina Wentling

With so many options available to associations as they present event content to attendees, it can be difficult to decide which way to go. Many of your association’s members prefer

OmniPresence: Collection is Step #1

Published by Tracy Gundert

This fall, we asked our clients to weigh in on the benefits of using one vendor to handle all of their event content needs, from printed programs and proceedings to