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Learn About Using Social Media for Events

Published by Steve Manicor

Yes, this is an advertisement for, but let’s move beyond that.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It might have something to do with people enjoy watching

Social Networking for Exhibitors: Joining the Conversations at Events

Published by Steve Manicor

Earlier this year I wrote a list of online community do’s and don’ts for vendors and exhibitors who want to get involved via social media. The key we mention over

Event Communities and Conference Challenges

Published by Steve Manicor

Remember what it was like a few years back when we had to communicate with someone in another office by sending a fax or even a letter? Or when we

Social Media Education Comes Together at Engage365

Published by Steve Manicor

ASAE, MPI and just about every marketing education web site has made it pretty clear that social media plays a HUGE role in promoting your events and engaging your audience.

Keeping Control of Your Online Community

Published by Steve Manicor

Every week I talk to customers considering social media for their event (i.e. Conference 2.0™) and this question seems to always arise:

“We want to keep control of our online

10 Things You Can Do at Engage365

Published by Steve Manicor

Do you own or operate an online community for your event or membership?

If you do, you should probably give your members a list of things they can do there

Survey on Social Technologies and Conferences

Published by Steve Manicor

It’s that time again where we need your input.

As you know, the use of social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others is rapidly growing among members of many