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Use These Social Media Tips to Promote Your Event

Published by Kayla Borden

One of the more surprising findings from our 2017 State of the Conference Industry report was how many associations are not re-using their conference content to promote their upcoming events.

Engage Younger Members by Listening to Their Solutions | Omnipresence

Published by Jonny Popp

I’m a regular reader of this blog (like you too, hopefully) and a recent post caught my attention. The article was about using Snapchat at your next conference and was

Marketing with Conference Content: Part 4 – Promoting Your Conference with Twitter

Published by Matt Larson

Twitter is one of the most intimidating social media sites for people to start using. I’s seemingly secret language of #s and @s can easily scare off newcomers who try

Celebrate with Omnipress’ 2013 Holiday Videos!

Published by Gina Wentling

The Omnipress sales team and several other employees have produced holiday videos to share with you! Though we have already posted them on Facebook, we want to share the videos

EventCMS: Questions to Consider, Part 2

Published by Gina Wentling

Yesterday, I presented a scenario with questions to consider when taking your event content online. Did I cover it all in the post? Not by a long shot. Let’s brainstorm

5 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Association

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Is your association ignoring Pinterest in hopes that its popularity falls stagnant like Myspace or iTunes Ping?

If you’re looking to grow your association’s membership and promote your valuable educational

How to Increase Quality Facebook Likes For Your Association

Published by Aaron Manogue

As part of your social media strategy, is it your association’s goal to gain 200 Facebook Likes this year? 300? 500?

Often times when talking with other social media professionals