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How to Protect Your Association’s Online Publications

Published by Matt Larson

Your association’s publications are valuable. Before you share them on the web, it’s important to consider how you can protect online publications from unauthorized use.

In this video, Omnipress Product

Publishing, 40,000 BC – 2011

Published by Gina Wentling

This fascinating infographic from highlights changes in publishing across history. Notice all the changes in just the past 30 years. Can you imagine what the next 30 hold? Is

What Powell’s City of Books Can Teach Us About Digital Publishing, Part 2

Published by Gina Wentling

Last week, I recounted my visit to Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon, comparing the organization of the bookstore to the faceted search options available on some digital publishing

Biggest Mistake Associations Will Make in 2013: Postponing Mobile Strategy Development

The adoption rate of smartphones and tablets is not slowing down. In fact, nearly half of American adults own a smartphone, and the number of tablet owners has doubled since

Reap the Benefits of Online Conference Proceedings

Published by Sara Olbrantz

How often do you overhear conference attendees gush, “I never go anywhere without my giant, 10lb three-ring binder of annual conference proceedings”?

If you are hearing crickets chirp, it is

The Importance of Responsive Design in Digital Publishing

Published by John Eisele on January 11th, 2013

What is Responsive Web Design and Why is it Important?

One of the hottest topics when it comes to web development and digital publishing  is responsive design. In a recent

3 Requirements for Delivering Quality Association Content to Members

Published by Sara Olbrantz on December 28th, 2012

It is the end of 2012, and just as every year, there are thousands of “Top 10” posts: “Top 10 Trends of 2012,” “Top 10 Events of 2012,” “Top 10