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How to Get More Out of Your Abstract Management System

Published by Gina Wentling

You know how important it is to choose appropriate, relevant, and interesting content to feature at your association’s annual meeting. You likely spent a lot of time and energy to

7 Customizations to Make Your Abstract Management System Better for Reviewers

Published by Gina Wentling

Reviewers—You gotta love ‘em. Truly! You have to give them credit for their work.

Thank goodness they take time out of their busy schedules as industry professionals to seriously consider

Technical Support for Abstract Submitters, Courtesy of Omnipress

Published by Gina Wentling

If you manage your association’s call for papers, you may be used to getting a lot of questions. Your four-year-old’s game of “Why?” is the only conversation more frustrating than

Back-to-School Sales & Abstract Management

Published by Gina Wentling

Every year, back-to-school sales seem to hit stores earlier. (The same could be said for holiday merchandise. Don’t get me started.) As hard as it is to admit that summer

OmniPresence: Abstract Management That Meets Everyone’s Needs

Published by Tracy Gundert

When you think about how to handle your association’s next call for papers, consider the experience of all three groups that will use an abstract management system: submitters, reviewers, and

Get Help with Abstract Management: Meet the Team!

Published by Gina Wentling

No matter which abstract management system you use, it can be complicated to learn. When you first get started—and maybe for weeks, months, and years after that—, you’re going to

For a Better Conference, Schedule Early and Often

Published by Gina Wentling

As you begin your preparations for your next meeting, take stock of the tools you have at your disposal. Really look at every aspect of the conference with fresh eyes