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Engage Younger Members by Listening to Their Solutions | Omnipresence

Published by Jonny Popp

Associations with engaged members have more success when it comes to membership renewals, word-of-mouth referrals and creating member-advocates. So it’s no surprise it is a popular topic for our customers.

National Fundraising Event Series to Benefit Association Professionals

Published by Steve Manicor

Omnipress, the company behind the Engage365 community, is happy to announce that they are sponsoring the National Fundraising Event Series.

The National Fundraising Event Series will be hosting monthly webinars

Five Meeting Design Principles: Inviting Innovation and Intellect

Published by Aaron Manogue

Catalyst Ranch… Where no chair is alike and colorful décor invites creativity and sparks innovation from attendees, speakers, and sponsors. What better place to hold EventCamp’s 2011 National Conference?


Create Content that Prompts Dialogues and Engagement – Measure 4

In many cases, an organization’s content facilitates dialogues and engages your audience. Engage is the buzz word for conference events these days. The formula we use is Networking + Learning

The Five Best People to Lead Your Online Social Networking Community

Published by Steve Manicor

We’ve talked quite a bit here on the blog about social media and how to engage members in an online community, but who needs to lead the charge? Association staffers

5 Ways To Make Your Members Feel at Home in Your Online Community

Published by Steve Manicor

Have you ever attended a party where you knew no one? Chances are you felt a little lost and alone. You needed to figure out where the bathrooms were, start

The DOs and DON’Ts of Participating in an Online Event Community

Published by Steve Manicor

An online event community helps sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees engage and connect with people before, during and after the event.

Participating in an online event community isn’t much different