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EventCMS: Questions to Consider, Part 1

Published by Gina Wentling

You have collected all (well, most) of your papers and developed your program. Now you’re ready to offer it to the attendees. When you look over the different materials, you

5 Hot Association Topics in 2012

Published by Sara Olbrantz on December 26th, 2012

Infographic – How to Put Conference Materials Online

Associations know that in order to remain relevant to their members, they need to start bringing conference content online. The issue is

What Association Content Should Be in a Digital Publishing Platform?

Published by John Eisele

Drive Traffic to Your Digital Publishing Platform with Valuable Content

Many people ask us, “What do I host online?”

The answer is, the information you attendees are looking for. Are

Uploading Data to Mobile Event Apps

Published by Steve Manicor

Once you have established which type of mobile app is right for your conference, then it’s time to consider how your conference content is going to be uploaded into your

3 Basic Types of Mobile Event Apps

Published by Steve Manicor

One of the key decisions you need to make when implementing a mobile event app is deciding which type of app will best meet your objective.

For a meeting planner,

Flash Drives… Tangible and Hip!

Published by Steve Manicor

15 years ago, the new thing for conference materials was to scan hard copy, convert it to PDF and put it on CD-ROM. Today, most everyone can create digital files