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Infographic: 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Call For Papers

Published by Matt Larson

Facilitating a call for papers can be a challenging experience. Between managing submissions, coordinating with reviewers and selecting the best content for your conference, it’s no wonder event planners often

Abstract Collection: What Format Should You Use?

Published by John Eisele

Considerations for Choosing an Abstract Collection Format

You know you want to collect abstracts, but now what format do you collect them in?

Do you collect them in text box,

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Abstract Management System Could Do

Published by Sara Olbrantz

It’s not a secret: Online abstract collection and management systems are critical to organizing and planning a successful conference or meeting.

Can you imagine trying to keep 200 different submissions

Is Your Abstract Management System a Hassle?

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Is it a struggle to customize your system for collecting, reviewing and managing abstracts and speaker presentations to meet your unique process?

Your online collection system should be flexible enough

Compile Award Nominations on Your Abstract Collection Site

Published by Sean Lawler

Are you looking for an easier way to collect and organize award nominations or applications for grants for your association’s annual meeting or other events?

Every now and then, your

Abstract Management System Increases Revenue

Published by Tony Veroeven

Every day I talk to people who don’t know they are bleeding. Let me explain.

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself and didn’t notice until you looked down and said,

Help Your Conference Speakers Give a Killer Presentation

Published by Sara Olbrantz

As someone who coordinates annual meetings or midyear conferences for your association, you understand that the value of your conference lies in your educational content. Attendees love conference learning journals,