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Thank You UNTECH10 – The Power of a Community

As the Untech10 attendees, sponsors and organizers head home… and those of us who attended virtually turn off our computers, I wanted to reflect a bit.

Guest Posted by David

ASAE Tech Expo Goes Unconference – UNTECH10

Published by Steve Manicor

Not more that a few hours after ASAE leaders pulled the plug on the official ASAE Tech Expo due to the big blizzard in DC, social media leaders and conference

How ASAE is Using Twitter

Published by Steve Manicor

Earlier today, I “tweeted” about 6 Ways To Utilize Twitter At Your Next Conference then I received this tweet from ASAE on how they will be using Twitter at the

Addressing 2009’s biggest meeting planning challenges

2008 was a year of change for educational meeting materials. Meeting planners and education organizers heeded the calls for greener meetings, faced challenges with attendance fluctuation during this economic downturn