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Abstract Management System Increases Revenue

Published by Tony Veroeven

Every day I talk to people who don’t know they are bleeding. Let me explain.

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself and didn’t notice until you looked down and said,

Bilingual Abstract and Final Presentation Collection Sites

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Your online system for collecting, reviewing and managing speaker files is critical to getting top notch conference content delivered to your attendees. This process should be seamlessly easy for your

Is Your Call for Papers Process Causing Outdated Conference Sessions?

Published by Sara Olbrantz

The best part of the meeting planning experience is watching it all come together the day of the annual conference.

Attendees are flocking around the registration table to pick up

Beyond Technology: Supporting Your Abstract Management System

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Let’s just start by assessing your abstract management system to make sure it can accommodate your needs.

Your online system should be flexible enough to:

  • Collect abstracts, final presentations and

Online Abstract Management Systems That Work

Published by Steve Manicor

Remember the story about the super-smart association IT guy who created an in-house online abstract management system for the super-overwhelmed education director and program coordinators? (If not, that’s ok, it’s

The DIY Approach for Online Abstract Collection Systems

Published by Sean Lawler

Once upon a time there was a small association with a tight budget that hired a super-smart IT guy. When the super-smart IT guy saw the organization’s clumsy abstract and

Does your Call for Abstracts Process Need Couples’ Counseling?

Published by Sean Lawler

Are you one of the associations that use multiple systems and databases to take their abstract management system through the initial call for presentations, the review process, the final collection,