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OmniPresence: Why 2016 Is Going to Be an Exciting Year

Published by Tracy Gundert

Happy New Year! Are you looking forward to 2016? I am! We’re almost a month in, and I think the future looks bright for associations and conference planners.

Why? Because

2016 Report: Managing Content Collection Top Challenge for Conference Planners

Published by Tracy Grzybowski

In an earlier post, we discussed the first key insight from our 2016 Conference Industry Report: The Evolving Shape of Conference Content: associations report their attendees want them to

Back-to-School Sales & Abstract Management

Published by Gina Wentling

Every year, back-to-school sales seem to hit stores earlier. (The same could be said for holiday merchandise. Don’t get me started.) As hard as it is to admit that summer

Conference Content: The Engine That Drives Your Association’s Annual Meeting

Published by Gina Wentling

ASAE Annual 2015 will be held in Detroit, Michigan, which brings up thoughts automotive for us. You’ll see those ideas reflected in Omnipress’ booth at the annual meeting!

When it

Get Help with Abstract Management: Meet the Team!

Published by Gina Wentling

No matter which abstract management system you use, it can be complicated to learn. When you first get started—and maybe for weeks, months, and years after that—, you’re going to

3 Slick Customizations for Better Abstract Management

Published by Gina Wentling

When you customize a system or tool to fit your needs, it just works better. I think my fitness tracker is more accurate than my husband’s, for example, because mine

OmniPresence: 3 Novel Ways to Use an Abstract Management System

Published by Tracy Gundert

When it comes to managing abstracts and collecting final presentations for an annual meeting, many associations try to handle the process with an email inbox and a spreadsheet. Once your