Omnipresence | Create Conference Sponsorship Opportunities That Benefit Everyone

Published by Jonny Popp | Filed under: Associations, Conferences, Events, OmniPresence

Associations often rely on their annual conference to be a source of non-dues revenue for the year. So it’s no surprise they are determined to make smart budgeting decisions for

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Use These Social Media Tips to Promote Your Event

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Associations, Conferences, Content Strategy, Events, Social

One of the more surprising findings from our 2017 State of the Conference Industry report was how many associations are not re-using their conference content to promote their upcoming events.

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Infographic: Spring Cleaning for your Course Materials

Published by Matt Larson | Filed under: Print, Training

Spring-cleaning season is here! It’s time to open the windows, pack up the coat closet and… dust off your continuing education materials?!? That’s right, now is the perfect time to

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Infographic: 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Call For Papers

Published by Matt Larson | Filed under: Abstract Management, Events, Online Collection Systems

Facilitating a call for papers can be a challenging experience. Between managing submissions, coordinating with reviewers and selecting the best content for your conference, it’s no wonder event planners often

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How to Reduce Your Risk When Creating a New Training Program

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Associations, Print, Training

When your association implements a new continuing education course, one of the major challenges you’ll face is deciding how many copies of training materials you need to print. You may

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5 Types of Conference Speakers to Improve Your Next Event

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Conferences, Events

Conference speakers are one of the focal points of your annual event. They provide insights, research and, most of all, value to your attendees. Speakers set the tone for the

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It Takes More Than Software to Manage Abstracts | Omnipresence

Published by Jonny Popp | Filed under: Abstract Management, Associations, Conferences, Events, OmniPresence, Online Collection Systems

During the past several years, a number of new abstract management technology providers have emerged on the scene. Some software to manage abstracts is SaaS based, and some is full

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