How to Reduce Your Risk When Creating a New Training Program

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Associations, Print, Training

When your association implements a new continuing education course, one of the major challenges you’ll face is deciding how many copies of training materials you need to print. You may

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5 Types of Conference Speakers to Improve Your Next Event

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Conferences, Events

Conference speakers are one of the focal points of your annual event. They provide insights, research and, most of all, value to your attendees. Speakers set the tone for the

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It Takes More Than Software to Manage Abstracts | Omnipresence

Published by Jonny Popp | Filed under: Abstract Management, Associations, Conferences, Events, OmniPresence, Online Collection Systems

Each year, as we produce our annual State of the Conference Industry Report, one statistic never ceases to amaze me. Meeting planners continue to indicate that, when it comes to

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A New Mindset: Creating a Culture of Overcoming Challenges

Published by Dan Loomis | Filed under: Associations, Training

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Orlando, FL for ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference (GIC). The sessions at this year’s event covered a broad range of educational topics. Some sessions

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How One Association Is Recruiting Younger Members

Published by Kayla Borden | Filed under: Associations

In our 2017 State of the Conference Industry report, we asked association professionals if their organizations have developed strategies to meet the needs of Millennials and Generation Z. Only 10%

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Eco-Friendly Options for Creating Conference Materials

Published by Matt Larson | Filed under: Associations, Blended Learning, Events, Online Publishing, Print

Even in the digital age, conferences can use up a lot of resources. The good news is there are plenty of ways to create more eco-friendly conference materials. And, green

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The Inventory Management Features that Will Make Your Organization More Efficient

Published by Dan Loomis | Filed under: Associations, Fulfillment, Print, Publications, Training

Before you select an inventory management system, you need to know which features will make your organization most efficient. Watch Dan Loomis explain how two features can work together to

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