Calculate the Impact of Using Recycled Paper

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Many of our customers are printing on recycled paper as way to “go green.” It’s a great way to save trees, and the cost difference from virgin paper to recycled

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Where’s the Value of Conferences These Days?

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Are sponsors, exhibitors and attendees starting to question the value of conferences these days? Is the meeting bubble starting to break?

Well consider these two recent occurrences:

First, Association Forum

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Flash Drive Prices Continue To Drop

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It’s been nearly two years since offering conference materials on flash drives but since then our sales and number of projects has more than tripled.

Why is that?

Flash drive

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Online Conference Materials – Survey Results

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<clapping noises>

Two weeks ago, we asked what the future of educational materials would look like in three to five years.

The results overwhelmingly lean towards online

This is

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Considering Going Paperless at Your Events? Not So Fast!

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Whew! I just returned from HSMAI’s Affordable Meetings National in Washington, D.C. and have a few interesting things to share with you.

HSMAI’s Green Meeting

To HSMAI’s credit, they are

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Green Printing

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Going green doesn’t always mean eliminating paper altogether. In fact, there are many applications where print is the advantageous choice over digital media. I won’t go into that, but check

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Survey: Future of Educational Conference Materials

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Think ahead three to five years.

What will your educational meeting materials look like?

How will you collect speaker material?

Chime in with your visions of the future.

We work

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