It’s the Attendee Experience that Matters!

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Just recently, Omnipress Account Manager Jodi Ray shared her take on “Creating ROI – The Future of Association Meetings” session that she attended at Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase meeting in

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Christmas Karaoke & Hilarious Outtakes

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For the 2008 holiday season, Omnipress is going beyond the traditional holiday catch-up letter. We’re taking our spirit to a whole new level… VIDEO !

That’s right… Christmas Videos!


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5 Ways To Cut Printing Costs

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Looking to trim your printing costs? Here are five ways you can easily do this.

  1. Limit the page count (or slides) authors can submit. Many associations strictly limit their authors

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The Coolest Phone on the Planet

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One of my colleagues sent me a link to what he titled “The IPhone Killer.” It was a web site for the newest, coolest phone in the universe, the Pomegranate.

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Starbucks Winners

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My wife loves to drink these iced Javachip Frappachinos (the lite version to cut calories, of course) as they have these yummy crushed beans in there… Mmmmm!

So the two

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Save Trees. Print More!

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This is absolutely the most controversial statement that we’ve made all year, but it’s the honest truth. Sure, we print conference books, so why believe us?

You know Omnipress is

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Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads

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Remember when you were back in school and for each class you had a spiral-bound notebook?

Each class had a different flavor, and you took time to doctor them up

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