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The Coolest Phone on the Planet

Published by Steve Manicor

One of my colleagues sent me a link to what he titled “The IPhone Killer.” It was a web site for the newest, coolest phone in the universe, the Pomegranate.

Save Trees. Print More!

This is absolutely the most controversial statement that we’ve made all year, but it’s the honest truth. Sure, we print conference books, so why believe us?

You know Omnipress is

Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads

Published by Steve Manicor

Remember when you were back in school and for each class you had a spiral-bound notebook?

Each class had a different flavor, and you took time to doctor them up

Flash Drive Prices Continue To Drop

Published by Steve Manicor

It’s been nearly two years since offering conference materials on flash drives but since then our sales and number of projects has more than tripled.

Why is that?

Flash drive

Considering Going Paperless at Your Events? Not So Fast!

Whew! I just returned from HSMAI’s Affordable Meetings National in Washington, D.C. and have a few interesting things to share with you.

HSMAI’s Green Meeting

To HSMAI’s credit, they are

Green Printing

Published by Steve Manicor

Going green doesn’t always mean eliminating paper altogether. In fact, there are many applications where print is the advantageous choice over digital media. I won’t go into that, but check

Affordable Meetings Goes Green

Published by Steve Manicor

HSMAI’s Affordable Meetings National event in DC is next week. Since 2002, we have been serving George Little Mgmt on all three HSMAI Affordable Meetings events (West, National and Mid-America).