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Have Your Attendees Promote Your Event

Published by Steve Manicor

Power in numbers they say. For every conference participant you have registered, you have a marketing opportunity awaiting.

Remember the “I voted today!” sticker you get when you vote on

Justifying Going to a Conference

Published by Steve Manicor

You know attendees love your events – just look back at the comments! But this year more than ever before, you’re unsure that they’ll be able to convince their employers

Great PPTs, Great Sessions, Happy Attendees (part 3 of 3 on PPTs)

Published by Steve Manicor

“Were you in that afternoon session on, ‘Marketing is not a Department?’ What a great session! The speaker shared great examples, he got the audience engaged and I left with

Making My Speakers Follow a PPT Template (part 2 of 3 on PPTs)

Published by Steve Manicor

A big question for meeting planners is, “Should you require your speakers to use a PowerPoint template, or not?” You can sit on the fence and debate this all day,

Avoid Speaker Handout Hassles (part 1 of 3 on PPTs)

Published by Steve Manicor

What do you do when a speaker’s PowerPoint presentation has so many animations that the PDF version looks like a Picasso painting? How about when a video clip comes out

5 Ways Associations are Using Video to Promote Events

Published by Steve Manicor

Is your organization using video to communicate with your audience? Are you capturing highlights of your events to entice people to come next year? The use of video for online

5 Ways To Cut Printing Costs

Published by Steve Manicor

Looking to trim your printing costs? Here are five ways you can easily do this.

  1. Limit the page count (or slides) authors can submit. Many associations strictly limit their authors