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ICE 2016: Adding Another Chapter to the Story

Published by Dan Loomis

I always tell new employees at Omnipress that if they think order fulfillment is just putting stuff in boxes and shipping it, they are working at the wrong company. What

A New Way to Think About Marketing Your Association’s Courses

Published by Matt Larson

Marketing an association’s training courses is not an easy task. In fact, according to our 2016 State of the Continuing Education Industry report, 31% of respondents listed it as their

Infographic | Top 5 Reasons to Participate in the State of Continuing Education Content Survey

Published by Matt Larson

I’m excited to announce that we are conducting ‘The State of Continuing Education Content’ survey again this year. If you are responsible for training or continuing education programs for an

How to Attract Millennials to Your Association with Credentialing

Published by Matt Larson

Which major issue facing the U.S. economy are associations well positioned to fix? The “skills gap.”

Employers are facing the “skills gap” as Baby Boomers retire faster than Millennials develop

Getting Started on your Association’s Big, Important Projects

Published by Dan Loomis

That’s how going back to school always felt to me. It was exciting, but also something I would have preferred not to do.

The night before school started I was

Should Your Association’s Next Course Be Online, or In-person?

Published by Matt Larson

The internet has changed just about every aspect of the way associations deliver education. The rush to move training courses online happened at such a furious pace, there was little

Dan’s Corner | Bringing Unintended Benefits to Your Association

Published by Dan Loomis

Some of my favorite stories to tell are the ones about positive, unintended consequences. You know, those unexpected benefits that come about after making a decision based on a different,