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Hybrid Meetings – A Silver Lining in a Down Economy

Published by Steve Manicor

As difficult and demanding as this recession has been in the meetings industry, if you dig deep enough you may be able to find a few silver linings.

Over the

Open Community

Are you wrapped up in Strategic Planning for 2011… creating a content strategy, education strategy, communication strategy… a community strategy?

Here is a quick read from two ladies who get

Control Issues: What are the Rules of Engagement for Your Social Network

As associations welcome their constituents to join them in organizations’ social networks, whole worlds of opportunities open up for community building, marketing and networking. With those opportunities come an entirely

How To Spend Two Hours of Time in Social Media

Published by Steve Manicor

“If I have two hours in a day (or a week) to spend on social media, how should my spend my time?”

This is not an uncommon question that many

Learn About Using Social Media for Events

Published by Steve Manicor

Yes, this is an advertisement for, but let’s move beyond that.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It might have something to do with people enjoy watching

Social Networking for Exhibitors: Joining the Conversations at Events

Published by Steve Manicor

Earlier this year I wrote a list of online community do’s and don’ts for vendors and exhibitors who want to get involved via social media. The key we mention over

Event Communities and Conference Challenges

Published by Steve Manicor

Remember what it was like a few years back when we had to communicate with someone in another office by sending a fax or even a letter? Or when we