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Podcast: Print Books Build Better Brains

Published by Gina Wentling

As in Episode 8 (Outsourcing Case Study), Dr. Rebecca Keller of Real Science-4-Kids joins Dan and Tony in the Omnipress podcast room. Rebecca writes science books for kids, teaching the

Five Must-Have Features of Inventory Management Systems for Educational Publications

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Wondering about the status of your educational publications? If only it were as easy as checking your best friend’s Facebook status to see how they’re doing, right? Oh, wait… It

3 Steps to Simplify Your Production, Fulfillment and Distribution Process

Published by Dan Loomis

Stop and think about the process you have in place for distributing your educational publications.

How many steps do you have to go through when moving content from the creator

Calculate the Impact of Using Recycled Paper

Published by Steve Manicor

Many of our customers are printing on recycled paper as way to “go green.” It’s a great way to save trees, and the cost difference from virgin paper to recycled