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5 Reasons Direct Mail Works to Promote Your Conference

Published by Steve Manicor

With shrinking budgets, green initiatives and the ease of email marketing, some meeting planners have all but abandoned direct mail initiatives to promote their events. But direct mail plays an

Save Trees. Print More!

This is absolutely the most controversial statement that we’ve made all year, but it’s the honest truth. Sure, we print conference books, so why believe us?

You know Omnipress is

Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads

Published by Steve Manicor

Remember when you were back in school and for each class you had a spiral-bound notebook?

Each class had a different flavor, and you took time to doctor them up

Paperless Conference | Fact or Fiction?

Published by Steve Manicor

With all this talk about paperless meetings, I was motivated to learn why conference leaders are calling their meetings “paperless” and if there is such a thing as a “paperless

Color Printing: Engage, Persuade and Inform

Published by Steve Manicor

When I first started at Omnipress in 1995, our clients would send us hard copy originals, and we were strictly black ink on white paper (remember the movie “Pleasantville” ?).