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Have You Read Our Top 5 Articles in 2010?

Published by Steve Manicor

Who would have thought that an article on creating better PowerPoint presentations would have topped the charts on the Omnipress blog in 2010?

But stop and think about it for

Making Print on Demand Work for You

Published by Steve Manicor

“Print on demand” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

What is Print on Demand?

Whenever I talk to someone about print on demand, I

Quality Print-On-Demand: 3 Questions to Ask

Published by Steve Manicor

I talk to a lot of customers about how to manage print production for training and educational manuals.

Most of the time the discussion centers around production run lengths, inventory

Modern Technology – Changing The Future of Print and Distribution

Published by Steve Manicor

Modern technology is radically changing the way publications are printed, inventoried and distributed. Modern print equipment has made it possible to print ultra-short runs of 5 to 50 units at

Why Offer Printed Materials When You Have Technology?

Published by Steve Manicor

This seems to be a question organizers in the meetings industry wrestle with a lot lately.

Today, I am working with EventCamp Twin Cities leaders on the layout and content

Print Makes a Comeback in 2011

Published by Steve Manicor

Over the past few years, the need to lower costs and “go green” coupled with increasing using of mobile and internet technologies has steered meeting professionals away from providing printed

An Offer to MPI WEC Presenters – Next Year, We’ll Provide the Handouts!

I recently attended MPI’s 2010 WEC in Vancouver.

First, Vancouver is amazing. It’s a big city, but VERY clean, safe and has great people with close connections to nature and