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Why Offer Printed Materials When You Have Technology?

Published by Steve Manicor

This seems to be a question organizers in the meetings industry wrestle with a lot lately.

Today, I am working with EventCamp Twin Cities leaders on the layout and content

Print Makes a Comeback in 2011

Published by Steve Manicor

Over the past few years, the need to lower costs and “go green” coupled with increasing using of mobile and internet technologies has steered meeting professionals away from providing printed

Are You Afraid To Rely On A Single Supplier?

Published by Dan Loomis

Recently, I had a conversation with a potential customer who indicated their organization was “burned” by using a single source for all of their print and fulfillment needs.

The conversation

An Offer to MPI WEC Presenters – Next Year, We’ll Provide the Handouts!

I recently attended MPI’s 2010 WEC in Vancouver.

First, Vancouver is amazing. It’s a big city, but VERY clean, safe and has great people with close connections to nature and

Flip That Book

Published by Steve Manicor

Do you remember when you were just five years old? It was a time you could just be creative and everyone thought it was “cute.” There were no lines to

The End of Publishing? Rethinking your Printing and Publishing Strategy

Published by Dan Loomis

I recently attended the Content in Context Conference from the Association of Educational Publishers. Although the event was mainly targeted to the K-12 educational industry, I feel there are many

Print and Fulfillment Companies – Choosing the Right One

Published by Steve Manicor

For organizations that do seminars or create accreditation content, little is as important as their relationships with the vendors who print and fulfill the educational content. Vendors in these areas