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OmniPresence: Make the Most of Your Association Events this Summer

Published by Tracy Gundert

The summer wind, came blowin’ in…

The association events I go to in the summer tend to stay true to this easy-breezy summer feeling by taking on a more casual

OmniPresence: Conference Printing As a Team Sport

Published by Tracy Gundert

With fall conferences right around the corner, you may be thinking about your printed conference materials and wondering what—and who—goes into bringing your association’s program from PDFs to beautiful books,

OmniPresence: Consistent Branding with a Single-Source Provider

Published by Tracy Gundert

Branding is an important aspect of your association’s annual meeting. Everything you offer for the conference, from room signs to programs to an app, should represent your association’s brand, and

OmniPresence: Introducing the Multi-Event App!

Published by Tracy Gundert

We don’t remember to say it often enough, but it’s true: We appreciate your feedback. When you let us know what you love—and don’t love—about Omnipress’ products and services, it

OmniPresence: The Sum of your Conference Content, Starting with Abstract Management, is Greater than the Parts

Published by Tracy Gundert

Conference planners like you handle countless tasks on a day-to-day basis. Each time you check off an item on your long to-do list, you come a little bit closer to

OmniPresence: Training for Everyone

Published by Tracy Gundert

Omnipress mantra is “delivering knowledge.” This principle guides all we do, including the products and services we offer and the markets we serve.

Associations have been the main focus of

OmniPresence: 2014 in Review

Published by Tracy Gundert

As 2014 comes to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on what I’ve seen this year, both in the association industry and at Omnipress. Every year