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Engage Younger Members by Listening to Their Solutions | Omnipresence

Published by Jonny Popp

I’m a regular reader of this blog (like you too, hopefully) and a recent post caught my attention. The article was about using Snapchat at your next conference and was

Now is the Time to Start Using Your Educational Content for Marketing

Published by Jonny Popp

Regular readers of this blog know we believe content marketing is a great fit for associations. The reason is simple: We’ve seen how well it can work to engage members

Omnipresence | Finding Much to be Thankful for This Year

Published by Jonny Popp

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to reflect on all the people and events that have made the year special. And for us at Omnipress, that is quite a long list

Omnipresence: Are You Wasting Your Most Valuable Resource?

Published by Jonny Popp

As a business that provides services to associations, we rely heavily on sharing our knowledge—through articles, blog topics, videos, infographics—to remain visible to current and future customers. Our content helps

Omnipresence: It’s ‘State of the Conference Industry’ Survey Time!

Published by Jonny Popp

It’s time once again for our annual ‘State of the Conference Industry’ survey. We have conducted this survey during each of the past four years and it is something that

OmniPresence: It’s time to reveal our big announcement!

Published by Jonny Popp

As we’ve been hinting at over the last month (sometimes more subtly than others) we had some big news to share at the ASAE Annual meeting this year. I’m excited

OmniPresence | Bringing Content to Life: Presentations that Engage

Published by Tracy Gundert

I’m always amazed at the great content associations put together, year after year. Every day, we help them collect the materials that go on to serve as the foundation for