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The Lesson from ASAE’s Xperience Design Project? Focus on the Micro-Moments

Published by Tracy Grzybowski

Last week, three members of the Omnipress team had the privilege of participating in the launch of ASAE’s newest conference, Xperience Design Project (XDP). Leading up to the conference, we

Omnipresence | Finding Much to be Thankful for This Year

Published by Jonny Popp

Thank you to all of our customers

First off, I would like to thank all of our customers. We know the trust you put in us throughout the year and

ICE 2016: Adding Another Chapter to the Story

Published by Dan Loomis

I always tell new employees at Omnipress that if they think order fulfillment is just putting stuff in boxes and shipping it, they are working at the wrong company. What

Introducing CATALYST | Video

Published by Matt Larson

Over the last few weeks, we’ve written quite a bit on this blog about CATALYST, our new abstract management system. Today is your chance to finally see why we are

Content Marketing for Associations

Published by Aaron Manogue

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present to the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives about Content Marketing for Associations.  It was a topic that I had constantly had

What Value Does Your Association Truly Bring? 5 Ways to Find Out

Published by Aaron Manogue

Working in the non-profit and association industry, there is always that one question that you get asked. The question that, in all reality, is the basis for why our organizations

Training & Development Talk: Microlearning 101

Published by Dan Loomis

Our attention spans are shorter than they used to be, especially (but not exclusively) among Millennials. Also known as Generation Y, these young professionals (born approximately 1982-2004) grew up alongside