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We’ve got some great news to share at #ASAE16!

Published by Tracy Grzybowski

Here we are, already more than halfway through the summer season (if, like us, you define summer as the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day). Which means it’s time

3 Ways to Provide Value During Your Next Event

Published by Aaron Manogue

People pay a lot of money to come to your events, and that doesn’t even include travel expenses, lodging, and time out of the office. It’s a huge investment for

OmniPresence | Bringing Content to Life: Presentations that Engage

Published by Tracy Gundert

I’m always amazed at the great content associations put together, year after year. Every day, we help them collect the materials that go on to serve as the foundation for

If the Founding Fathers Had An Abstract Management System…

Published by Matt Larson

With the 4th of July just around the corner, we’ve been thinking a lot about the events that led to America declaring its independence. And when you get right

Avoid Disaster with These 3 Conference Planning Tips

Published by Matt Larson

Putting together a live event like a conference means there is no “undo” button to fall back on. You’ve only got one chance to make sure everything at your event

OmniPresence: Make the Most of Your Association Events this Summer

Published by Tracy Gundert

The summer wind, came blowin’ in…

The association events I go to in the summer tend to stay true to this easy-breezy summer feeling by taking on a more casual

Marketing with Conference Content: Part 2 – 3 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd by Using Images

Published by Matt Larson

Part 1 of the Marketing with Conference Content Series explained how your existing conference content provides a head start when it comes to promoting your event online. Using actual event