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Educational Meeting Content: What Hundreds of Associations Are Doing

Published by Steve Manicor

As a partner to hundreds of associations providing content collection and delivery solutions for educational events, we’ve got a pretty good pulse on things. This isn’t meant to be the

CEO as Content Creator and Facilitator – Measure 5

As 7 Measures for Success points out, transformative leadership does require servant leadership skills and the ability to build teams and families.

With a proper mix of nurturing parent and

Create Content that Prompts Dialogues and Engagement – Measure 4

In many cases, an organization’s content facilitates dialogues and engages your audience. Engage is the buzz word for conference events these days. The formula we use is Networking + Learning

Regarding Your Content Strategy, Think One Word: Data, Data, Data – Measure 3

Whether you sell your content or give it away, you need to measure and evaluate how your audience uses your content.

Almost everything you offer to your members, books, CDs,

Create a Customer Service Culture with Your Content Strategy – Measure 1

In the book, 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Do Not (a book that established criteria to measure an association’s success), the authors shared the

The Conference Content Revolution

Published by Steve Manicor

Associations have been serving up conference content for as long as they have existed, and up until the last couple of decades, the primary content delivery methods were printed publications

3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy

In the last few months, I’ve written several blog posts using the phrase “content strategy” regarding the educational material (live, published, archived, recorded, etc.) that your association collects and creates.