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QR Codes: The Perfect Bridge Between Print and Digital Content

Published by Steve Manicor

QR codes are an underutilized but fast growing device that can save users time and money. QR or “quick response” codes are two dimensional bar codes that are readable by

From Print to Digital: Opportunities for Content Management

Published by Steve Manicor

The publishing world is changing, and changing fast— And that’s a good thing

Recently, the publishing industry crossed a major milestone, for the first time since, well I am not

Conversion to eReader Formats: Just Like the Good ol’ Days

Published by Dan Loomis

People always say, “Remember the good ol’ days when life was simple?” I remember the days when creating a PDF file wasn’t so simple. When you wanted to print your

Your Association Content is an Asset – Make it Usable

Published by Sara Olbrantz

Many associations have a plethora of technical papers, reference guides, and conference materials sitting uselessly on their shelves.

Have you ever thought about making this content more usable?

“Content is

Nine Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Offering Access to Your Online Content

Published by Sean Lawler

Our customers’ publications, training materials, and event-related content are significant assets for their organization.  However, migrating these assets to the web for online consumption can pose significant challenges, especially if

One Simple Way to Give Your Twitter Chat Legs – Market the Repurposed Chat Summary

Published by Steve Manicor

Twitter chats are an excellent source of content to repurpose. You get a few to dozens of people participating and sharing resources and ideas on typically a narrow topic. The

Sharing Conference Materials After an Event… Missed Opportunity?

Published by Aaron Manogue

The chairs are folded. The hum of the fluorescent lights has come to a halt. And your conference is over.

Wait… (If this is what your most recent conference was