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Have You Tried These Ideas for Cutting Costs from Your Printed Program

Published by Steve Manicor

When it comes to your conference, you’re tasked with finding ways to shave dollars… or maybe better put, your conference budget has been cut and you need to find ways

Taking Notes on Conference Flash Drives

Published by Steve Manicor

Watch this video and see how Omnipress allows your conference attendees to take notes on flash drives you provide them.


Custom Flash Drives by Omnipress

Flash drives can be

Create a Customized Flash Drive to Make Your Event More Memorable

Published by Steve Manicor

For many attendees, attending an educational event is kind of a big deal. They have to get permission to attend, take time off from work and usually make travel arrangements

I Made a Video For You… Thought It Might Be Easier Than Sending Pictures

Published by Steve Manicor

We all learn in different ways and one of the best ways to learn is through seeing.

When our clients ask us to produce educational content in print, CD, flash

Asking Your Members for Guidance: The Story of the Paperless Conference

Published by Steve Manicor

Omnipress produces educational meeting materials for more than 800 organizations every year, and we frequently hear our customers announce, “This year we’re going paperless for our conference! Let’s put all

Credit Card Sized Flash Drives

Published by Steve Manicor

Flash drives come in all sizes, colors and shapes. And, although there are convenient, cool and sleek, most flash drives don’t give you much room for your logo (or any

Keeping Control of Your Online Community

Published by Steve Manicor

Every week I talk to customers considering social media for their event (i.e. Conference 2.0™) and this question seems to always arise:

“We want to keep control of our online