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Is Your Abstract Collection System Speaker-Friendly?

Published by Sean Lawler

Do you make your presenters pull their hair out for you?

When you put out a call for presentations or abstracts for your annual meeting, chances are you’re tapping into

Online Abstract Systems: You’re Collecting Much More than Just Abstracts

Published by Sean Lawler

Some meeting organizers and program chairs end up spending a lot of time going back and forth with their conference presenters to get additional information they didn’t collect upfront. One

Data and Reports: The True Measure of a Robust Online Collection System

Published by Sean Lawler

An online collection system for your Call for Presentations or abstract management and online review is only as good as the data you can pull from it. However, we’ve found

Six Critical Questions to Ensure Your Online Collection Process Has Flexibility

Published by Sean Lawler

Many associations and meeting professionals seek online solutions to manage their process for collecting final presentations or their “Call for Abstracts” , but moving toward a new solution shouldn’t have

Taking Abstract Collection & Presentation Management to the Next Level

Published by Sean Lawler

Omnipress has been in the business of collecting and managing speaker presentations, final papers and abstracts for close to a decade now. To say that we’ve learned a lot about

4 Resources for Anyone Who Collects Abstracts or Final Presentations

Published by Steve Manicor

Working with presenters to get their materials submitted on time and in the format you want is challenging. Perhaps you are “doing it old school”… using email as your system

9 Tips for Writing Instructions Your Speakers Will Understand

Published by Sean Lawler

Don’t take this the wrong way, but the first rule I learned in Information Technology (IT)  is “Users are dumb.” It’s a simple way to say that no matter how