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Omnipress Gives Back – Free Sites for Conference Handouts

Published by Steve Manicor

In a time where the economy is wreaking havoc on the meeting industry with declining attendance, canceled meetings and budget cuts, I feel proud to work for a financially strong

Addressing 2009’s biggest meeting planning challenges

2008 was a year of change for educational meeting materials. Meeting planners and education organizers heeded the calls for greener meetings, faced challenges with attendance fluctuation during this economic downturn

It’s the Attendee Experience that Matters!

Published by Steve Manicor

Just recently, Omnipress Account Manager Jodi Ray shared her take on “Creating ROI – The Future of Association Meetings” session that she attended at Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase meeting in

Business Travel and Its Impact on 2009 Meetings

This is an interesting report from AMEX about where business travel is going in 2009 and its possible impact on meeting behavior. While the report focuses on business travel and

Where’s the Value of Conferences These Days?

Are sponsors, exhibitors and attendees starting to question the value of conferences these days? Is the meeting bubble starting to break?

Well consider these two recent occurrences:

First, Association Forum

Online Conference Materials – Survey Results

Published by Steve Manicor


<clapping noises>

Two weeks ago, we asked what the future of educational materials would look like in three to five years.

The results overwhelmingly lean towards online

This is

Survey: Future of Educational Conference Materials

Published by Steve Manicor

Think ahead three to five years.

What will your educational meeting materials look like?

How will you collect speaker material?

Chime in with your visions of the future.

We work