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Printed Conference Brochure Saves Event

Published by Steve Manicor

It seems organizations these days are trimming direct mail from their marketing budgets as a way to save money without really understanding the impact it might have on their events.

Three Cool People I Got to Know at ASAE

Published by Steve Manicor

It’s all about networking and ASAE provides a great forum for this. Here are a few folks I got to know better (or meet for the first time).


Terrance Barkan

My ASAE Annual Meeting ’09 – Report Card

Published by Steve Manicor

I love attending ASAE’s Annual Meeting each year!

I get to meet new people, reacquaint with old friends and learn more about associations and their challenges. It’s the perfect conference

5 Reasons Direct Mail Works to Promote Your Conference

Published by Steve Manicor

With shrinking budgets, green initiatives and the ease of email marketing, some meeting planners have all but abandoned direct mail initiatives to promote their events. But direct mail plays an

In a Tough Economy, Attendance Drops Even at Free Events!

Published by Steve Manicor

Recently, I attended the Affordable Meetings Mid-America event in Chicago. As you may know, this is a free event to meeting planners and one we have been exhibiting at and

How ASAE is Using Twitter

Published by Steve Manicor

Earlier today, I “tweeted” about 6 Ways To Utilize Twitter At Your Next Conference then I received this tweet from ASAE on how they will be using Twitter at the

Getting Better in Tough Times

Published by Steve Manicor

I always believe that bad times are the perfect times to make positive changes.

In the early 2000’s the dot-com bust and 9/11 seriously affected the meetings industry, travel and