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The goal for our Big Ideas Blog is to help you transform your educational content into assets that will make your organization more relevant, help you grow your membership and enhance your brand; ultimately, helping your organization move forward.

We’re sharing new perspectives on industry trends, association resources and innovative voices with a focus on:

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Our Blogging Team

Aaron Manogue

Aaron Manogue – Marketing Manager

When Aaron isn’t making sure Google falls in love with Omnipress, he’s at rock concerts meeting the coolest (and strangest) people. He also enjoys watching the Brewers and Packers, and sitting in his tree stand in the fall. The only thing he enjoys hunting more than deer is the latest information on SEO and marketing to share with you!

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Tracy Grzybowski

Tracy Grzybowski – Director of Marketing

Tracy is the leader of our marketing team here at Omnipress. She’s a seasoned marketing professional with demonstrated success delivering upon organizational goals. She is also very proud to have served as President of the Madison Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and currently serves on the board.

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Dan Loomis – Product Director

When Dan Loomis took over as a Product Director, he aspired to be like his new role model… Santa Claus. “There’s no one more skilled in fulfillment than Kris Kringle,” Dan said. “He’s perfected the system that produces just enough inventory with the most efficient methods to get the important packages to every recipient, on time every time.”

Dan handles the fulfillment solutions for Omnipress customers, from their online bookstores to print-on-demand and inventory fulfillment.

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Sean Lawler – Product Director – Digital Services

(Collection, Digital Publishing Platforms & Digital Media)

Although Sean’s been a computer whiz since he first played Pong on a black and white television, he’s quite skilled at translating all that technical stuff into information our clients can understand. He’d never be without his iPhone and his Xbox360, and he’s also dedicated to discovering technologies and honing processes that meet the needs of our clients.

Sean’s Bio and 15 Fun Facts
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Steve Manicor – Vice President of Business Developmentomnipress

Finding new market opportunities, developing new products and keeping an eye on growth keeps Steve firmly focused on the future. Reading the tea leaves of a radically changing publishing environment makes Steve’s job interesting, frustrating, exhilarating, aggravating, fascinating but never, never boring- which is just the way he likes it.

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