Millennials and Print [Infographic]

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Millennials are known for being tech-savvy individuals that are constantly keeping up with the latest technology. It can be easy to assume that this group views printed materials as old news and that you need to deliver your content digitally to gain their attention. We surveyed over 500 Millennials to give us their thoughts on print and digital content.

Before swapping out all your printed materials for digital content, take a look at the infographic below to find out if print is still valued by your association’s youngest members. And for a more in-depth look at the learning preferences of Millennials, download the full report


Millennials and Print


Millennials and Print: How and Why Your Youngest Learners Read from the Page

We surveyed 548 young professionals to learn how they prefer to receive conference content. Think you understand Millennials? You may be in for a surprise!

Millennials still value print despite being raised with technology.

  • 89% of Millennials consume print for educational and professional content
  • 50% prefer print when consuming material they need to learn
  • 60% say the type of content dictates how they consume materials

A vast majority of Millennials choose to consume at least part of their content in print.

  • 55% prefer to learn with print and digital content
  • 23% like a combination of print, digital, and audio
  • 9% would choose print only
  • 2% prefer a combination of print and audio
  • 11% prefer other forms of content

The brain processes print and digital content differently, so it is a good idea to offer options to your learners. (Source:

Despite the fact that they grew up with the internet, Millennials are still dedicated to print. In fact, they read more printed books than those 30 and older did in 2014. 88% of Millennials read printed books compared to 79% of those 30 and older. (Source:

Key Takeaway: Give Millennials Options! Millennials still value print, and even sometimes prefer it. It is in your organization’s best interest to give them options when it comes to educational and professional materials.


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