Best of the Blog 2016: Top Training Tips

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This year’s top training tips fell into two distinct categories: Posts that contained actionable advice on how to make delivering continuing education more efficient, or posts that shed light on how other associations manage their programs. So whether you are looking for inspiration to make 2017 more efficient or curious how other associations run their training programs, click on the links below to find out!

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training: Is It Still the Delivery Method of Choice for Continuing Education?

Instructor-Led Training: Is it still the delivery method of choice for continuing education? You might be surprised!

Learn The Answer



Anatomy of a Training ManualAnatomy of a Training Manual [Infographic]

Take a deep dive inside the flaps to discover how to create training manuals that learners love.


Take A Look


Time is MoneyResolve to Stop Doing These 3 Tasks in 2016

At the turn of a new year, millions of people resolve to improve their lives by building their knowledge and skills. But how do the continuing education professionals that develop these life-changing programs approach their own resolutions? Here are three low value yet time-consuming tasks that CE professionals often take on themselves.

Make A Change

Man counting dollar notes

Professional Development Spending: Are Corporations and Associations Spending More or Less?

It’s one of the most common things we hear from clients and prospects alike. “What are other organizations doing and how much are they investing in professional development?” Dan Loomis examines the how budgets, Millennials and the economy have impacted the amount spent on training.

See How You Compare

Dan LoomisMy Promise to Customers (Dan’s Corner)

Dan Loomis expected to learn quite a bit at this year’s ICE Exchange conference. What he didn’t expect was to lurch between laughter and tears throughout the keynote address. Read his wrap-up to find out how all this applies to fulfilling your organization’s mission.

Read His Story



laptop lying on books5 Ways to Use Digital Content to Market Your Training Programs

Use your online training materials to market your programs and encourage learners to register for the course.


5 Ideas To Try


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