ICE 2016: Adding Another Chapter to the Story

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Dan's Corner: Print and Fulfillment

I always tell new employees at Omnipress that if they think order fulfillment is just putting stuff in boxes and shipping it, they are working at the wrong company. What we are really doing in our warehouse is sending someone the materials they need to learn a skill. Delivering the workbook that will help them perform their job more accurately. These printed materials allow industry professionals to study for a test or certification, proving they have gained the knowledge to practice their skills safely and ethically.

So when I think of ICE, I think about all the learners that have gone on to pass a certification exam after receiving the materials that were once on the shelves of our warehouse. When you tell the story that way, it’s easy to see that you are shipping more than ink and paper.

Learning From the Past

This will be my fifth year attending the ICE conference. Each year I’ve learned a little more about the impact our online and print materials have on the success of the attendees’ certification programs. I love knowing that having a well-formatted workbook will help a learner prepare for an exam. Or, that when we take over order fulfillment from continuing education staff, they will have more time to develop student-benefiting course content.

For example, one customer of ours that is a regular ICE attendee, is the National Retail Federation Foundation (NRFF). Before we started working with NRFF, their course materials were causing confusion between students and instructors. We worked with them to create a single workbook that enabled better communication in the classroom. What was really interesting to hear, though, is how this new workbook format gave NRFF the confidence to increase their program’s marketing and grow the certification program.

I could spend all day reminiscing about similar stories that help me understand the true impact of what we do here at Omnipress. But instead, I’ll finish up a few more office to-dos before I get ready to leave for the conference. Because waiting at that ICE Conference are dozens of more stories just waiting to be told.


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