Training & Development Talk: Why You Should Resolve to Rebrand in 2016

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Dan's Corner: Print and Fulfillment

Now that we’re nearly one month into 2016, many New Year’s resolutions may have already been broken. Maybe your gym membership has already lapsed, or you’re behind on your goal to read a book a week. You’re not alone! Give yourself a break as you try to build new habits. Change can be uncomfortable and difficult to maintain. For some activities, it’s fine to keep it on your radar but give yourself some leeway as you strive to make positive changes in your life. That’s the way I look at it.

In your association, though, there are resolutions worth keeping and striving towards. Pursue strategic objectives that impact your mission with focus and intention. It’s obvious, but important to think about as you face the New Year.

What are your 2016 goals for your organization? We have our own ideas of tasks you can resolve to stop doing this year. Taking things off of your plate is a good place to start.

In December, we surveyed 90 association training professionals about their continuing education programs. Their responses are summarized in our 2016 State of the Continuing Education Industry report. Your colleagues reported that the biggest challenge they face in 2016 is marketing your program—31% of respondents said so. Surprisingly, content development and program development—the aspects of building continuing education that take probably up most of your day—were not considered as big a challenge as marketing.

Does your association find marketing challenging? If so, you might want to start by taking a good look at the appearance of your course materials. That’s what the National Retail Federation (NRF) did—they focus on improving their branding, which made it easier to market their certification program. Once NRF’s course books were revamped, they found it easier to market their program. The new books were a more accurate reflection of the value NRF brings learners. (Read the full case study!)

Content is king, as they say, but it’s not the only thing. Maybe the “king” isn’t looking so good these days! I encourage you evaluate the appearance of your course books and decide if they reflect the quality education your organization can provide. If you find them lacking, make rebranding a firm resolution for 2016. Keep cost in mind, but make your brand a higher priority.

What are your organization’s continuing education resolutions for 2016? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.


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