How Your Online Storefront Can Help You Manage Inventory

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Fulfillment, Training

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A young man using his notebook and checking his notes while working in a storehouseYour continuing education program has many moving parts, from course instructors to textbooks to content development. In order to keep things humming along, it helps to combine tasks and integrate systems wherever possible.

One area where integration makes sense: your online store, where learners order course materials, and your inventory management system. It’s easier to keep track of course books when you know how many have been ordered, by whom, and where they’re headed.

When your inventory management system is linked to your online store, you can skip the manual work of receiving the learner’s order via email and entering it into an additional system. That’s the kind of task that can interrupt your day—perhaps multiple times an hour—and make it difficult to get anything of substance done.

When your inventory management system and your online storefront are integrated, there is less opportunity for human error to skew counts. When a course book is ordered, the inventory management system is changed to reflect the order. No one on your staff has to remember to do it, or stop what they’re doing to deal with the order that just came in.

If your online storefront can support multiple types of training materials (printed books, online access to PDFs, and USBs, for example), you simplify matters even more. That means an easier shopping experience for your learners and less time that you’ll spend fielding questions from them about how to buy course materials.

Keep it simple with integration that makes sense. Your online storefront and inventory management system can work together so you can spend your time focusing on more mission-critical tasks.


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